Adrienne Schlow - Artist

You have seen her work guaranteed, but have you ever wondered who is the talented artist behind the face or figure? Meet Adrienne Schlow! She has been kind enough to display two pieces of her art work in the boutique. Both pieces are for sale through Adrienne so be sure to check both pieces out in the boutique and we are happy to connect you both!

Tell us a little about yourself, your brand/company and how it started?

I am a visual artist, mostly paintings, also collage and photographic collaborations.

I've been drawing all my life, painting since high school, and a professional artist for 5 years. I live and work in the South End of Boston. My studio is my main town.

What advice can you give for starting your own business or turning your passion into a career? 

I feel super happy to have done so, but I think everyone's road is unique. Mostly, passions have a way of persisting. I feel like the beneficiary of that energy in me.

I will say a career in a business you are not passionate about is reason to change.

One life.

What drives/motivates/inspires you?

A unique sight of any kind is my inspiration. I love new ways of doing and seeing and saying. That others appreciate my work is also impactful.

I’m motivated by looking at my work deeply, and with a critical but loving eye, and.

I'm driven by a desire to be constantly evolving. 

What are you most proud of/ biggest accomplishment?

Best thing ever was hands down my first open studio where I sold 7 out of 9 pieces. I was pretty euphoric.  Having zero  expectations is a powerful baseline. It was thrilling.

I’m always proud when I make people really happy with my images, particularly while I'm watching them enjoy it. The scale of my projects is also much larger recently and that gives me a buzz too.

What was biggest challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?

I was awkward talking about my work initially, and even just replying “I'm an artist” (in response to questions about what I did for work) sounded fraudulent to me, until I started selling work.

What is the best business advice you have received?

Get paid.

What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur?

Value yourself.

What is your ideal working environment?

I love painting on a sunny day when I can shift work in and out of the sunny squares the windows cast on the floor. Control over drying time is always fun to play with.

I listen to Dido, John Mayer, My parents Greek Music, Nina Simone, Tribe Called Quest, DeeLite and Cowboy Junkies.

I paint alone. 😁

What do you do in your spare time? 

I rock out with my two daughters, Petra and Axelle, and throw a net over my busy husband  (restauranteur Michael Schlow) as often as I can catch him for some fun too. We love sarcasm and entertaining. I am the bartender. 

 How do you maintain a healthy balance?

I have no rhythm at the studio. I go when I want to. Otherwise if not interested I make lame stuff and if stressed I make stiff stuff. No good. Sometimes, however, I need to remind myself to socialize when I am in a pattern of taking every free moment and going to the studio for days on end. Balance is a challenge in some ways and happily out of balance in others.

Be sure to follow Adrienne to see her latest works of art! @aschlow 

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