Candier By Ryan Porter

Ice Cream Candle


Everyone needs a cutie like you to laugh with, cuddle up to, and make really bad decisions with. We’re like a tiny (but mighty) little gang. If you haven’t noticed already, I think you’re pretty cool. Honey, honestly, you complete me xo


Smooth Buttercream, Gourmand, Vanilla, Soft Serve Ice Cream Scented Candle

About the Candle

  • Natural soy ice wax for candles
  • Ice cream candle fragranced with essential oils
  • Poured in the USA 
  • Cruelty free colorful candle
  • 60+ Hr burn time
  • This romantic candles contain no gross goop. No carcinogens, no parabens, no phthalates.
  • By donating to Greenspark and Girls Inc, Candier gives back to nature by remaining carbon neutral, and pays it forward by supporting the next generation of fierce female leaders.

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