South Boston Store Opening Champagne Toast

We are officially open!

On April 4th2018 we invited our friends, family, clients and neighbors to our store grand opening celebration. We had a turnout of 100 plus guests who come by to have a champagne toast to celebrate with us! We know many of you had prior commitments to Justin Timberlake and who could blame you, LOL. 

In case you missed it, we served our dear friend, Jenny Johnsons very own champagne brand, Champy. We love to be able to support our friends and families business and as well as our local communities!

We want to say thank you to everyone for the support and help as we continue to navigate our business. If you missed our grand opening, don’t worry, we will have many more events coming up during the summer months!

A special thank you to all our donors and supporters that made this grand opening night special.

American Provisions, GutseyLife, Market Floral Studio, Miniluxe, Salon De'Cheuxe, Scent2Go, Stapleton Floral, Stephi's in Southie, Turn Style, Tuscan Kitchen, Xtendbarre Newbury!

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